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Our executive coaching and management consulting services are based on a thoughtful, collaborative process that’s modified to suit your goals and the way you work.

First, we conduct an assessment, which includes interviews for executive coaching clients, and employee focus groups for management consulting needs. We also review any available data, such as 360-degree feedback reports or employee opinion surveys.

Next, we analyze the results of the assessment to pinpoint critical challenges. We then work with the executive coaching client or the key decision makers to develop, refine, and adjust a development strategy.

Finally, we roll up our sleeves and partner with the people who implement the strategy. In the case of an executive coaching client, we work directly with the client. In the case of management consulting needs, we work one-on-one with project leaders and executives, as well as in groups with project leaders and implementation teams.

Regardless of the nature of the project, we know that self-awareness is crucial in successfully reaching goals. That’s why our process includes feedback and tools to increase self-awareness, a skill that transcends this project and helps to sustain performance improvements for many years.