2013 Listening Challenge
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2013 Listening Challenge

2013 Listening Challenge

Last month, I recommended making one small change per month to become one of the best listeners in your organization and reap the rewards of better collaboration, higher trust, and improved teamwork.

January’s challenge was to “minimize distractions. Turn off the phone, put the laptop in sleep mode, turn off the ringer on your phone, and put the tablet in a drawer if you can’t stop looking at it.”

How did you do? Pop over to the blog (www.jenniferselbylong.com), scroll down a bit to the article with the cute dog picture, and let me know.

Now, your challenge for February, if you are willing to accept it, is this:

Welcome the other person. You don’t need to do this formally, though you can if it suits you. Smile (even if it’s a phone meeting), stop what you are doing, and if it’s an in-person meeting, ask him or her to sit down.

Let me know how it’s going by posting a comment below.