2014 Relationship Building Challenge
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2014 Relationship Building Challenge

2014 Relationship Building Challenge

qOn January 3, I recommended making one small change per month this year to dramatically improve your skill and confidence in building relationships. If you participated in January and February, pat yourself on the back. If not, it’s not too late catch up. Just jump in and join us!

The challenge for March was to “Arrange to see each of your Treasured Ten in person, preferably over coffee or a meal. That’s right, I want you to kick it old school and see your Treasured Ten face-to-face. If you are not in the same geography and don’t expect to travel soon, set up a Skype call. Learn what challenges they’re facing, what they’re excited about, and what they need. Share your own challenges and what you’re excited about, too. Be sure to use open-ended questions, which are questions that can’t be answered in one word.”

How did you do? Pop over to the 2014 Relationship Building Challenge blog post  and let me know how it went.

Here’s your challenge for April, if you are willing to accept it:

“Take at least one action to help out each person. If you’re unsure if something you have in mind would be welcome, ask. It can be an action that only takes 5–10 minutes, or maybe it’s something bigger. Great relationship-builders create a huge “bank balance” of goodwill long before they ask for anything in exchange. If you have issues with over-helping, this will be a tougher one to manage, but you must master this, because generosity and selflessness are hallmarks of successful people. They are not stingy with their help. They don’t hold it close to the vest. They worry very little about getting screwed, because they know that for every one person who will take advantage, there are 100 who won’t, and the 100 are well worth the rotten experience of the one jerk.”

Let me know how it’s going, share your thoughts, and ask your questions any time.