2014 Relationship Building Challenge
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2014 Relationship Building Challenge

2014 Relationship Building Challenge

qOn a serious note, the tragic death of Robin Williams earlier this week reminded me once again how important it is to take the time to build and nurture relationships. You don’t have to do 100% of the 2014 Relationship Building Challenge every month with everyone in order to make great progress. Just nudge yourself to do a little more. Should you lose a friend earlier than you ever imagined, you will be so happy that you prioritized the care and feeding of the friendship.

For those who are new to the 2014 Relationship Building Challenge, here’s the backstory: on January 3, I recommended making one small change per month this year  to dramatically improve your skill and confidence in building relationships. It’s not too late catch up. Just jump in and join us!

Your challenge for July was:

“Think of your Treasured Ten beyond the main environment in which you know them. For example, does one of them have a child who’s starting to look into colleges that provide the best education for a particular major? Ask friends in your network who hire in that profession which schools they would recommend and why. Share the information, but only share names and contact information with permission.

How did you do?

Here’s your challenge for August, if you are willing to accept it:

“Donate your money to their causes, assuming it’s a cause you’re comfortable supporting. Anyone who’s ever volunteered for a charity walk-a-thon or community fundraiser knows how much effort goes into getting people to sponsor them and put money in their bucket. Start setting aside some money to support those who are willing to dedicate their limited free time to a good cause, even the people who aren’t your Treasured Ten. The timing of these requests can be hard to anticipate, so with money set aside, you’ll be ready from this month onward.”

Let me know how it’s going, share your thoughts, and ask your questions any time!