2014 Relationship Building Challenge
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2014 Relationship Building Challenge

2014 Relationship Building Challenge

qFor those who are new to the 2014 Relationship Building Challenge, here’s the backstory: on January 3, I recommended making one small change per month this year to dramatically improve your skill and confidence in building relationships. It’s not too late catch up. Just jump in and join us!

The challenge for September was:

“Repeat the month of March. Call each person or arrange to see him or her in person, preferably over coffee or a meal, or via Skype if you live far apart. While it may not be feasible to see every person you’d like to see twice a year, it’s certainly worth the investment to make sure you see your Treasured Ten this often. If you’ve seen all of them recently, congratulations! You can kick back this month and just continue your habits from the other previous months.”

How did you do?

Here’s your challenge for October, if you are willing to accept it:

“Write a recommendation on each person’s LinkedIn profile. Granted, you can’t do this if you haven’t worked together, but perhaps there’s something else you can do in fifteen minutes or less that’s a good deed for their business or career. Write a Yelp review for their local business. Buy their product and if you like it, share your enthusiasm on the appropriate social media. You get the idea.”

Let me know how it’s going, share your thoughts, and ask your questions any time.