In the News: Association for Psychological Type
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In the News: Association for Psychological Type

In the News: Association for Psychological Type

I’m now honored to be the president of the global professional association for people who use the MBTI® and other personality instruments in their work. The Association for Psychological Type is a global association serving a diverse community ranging from seasoned authors, researchers, and consultants to new practitioners and even some members who don’t use psychological type in their professions but wish to deepen their self-awareness and effectiveness with others.

Do any of these descriptions fit you? If so, check us out at

We offer our members an extensive, private on-line archive of articles about how to use psychological type in your work, research reviews, resource reviews, and commentary.

New articles are also available to our members throughout the year through our proprietary publication, The Bulletin of Psychological Type.

Our members also receive substantial discounts on our on-line training, and have the opportunity to join a local chapter and our virtual chapter.

If you purchase resources or take training from a private company, did you know you can probably get a discount by being a member of APTi? Several top organizations are partners with us and offer exclusive discounts and other special promotions to our members.

The resources are substantial, and the community is dedicated to assisting one another in our professional growth. Will you consider joining us?