Note from Jennifer
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Note from Jennifer

Note from Jennifer

As we near the end of 2009, I would like to wish each of you a wonderful and restful year-end. We’ll all need to rest a bit after the rollercoaster of 2009 and what promises to be a very busy 2010 as the recovery moves along and the strongest players grab market share and deepen their investment in business and leadership development.

In the spirit of following my own advice, the Selby Group office will be closed December 16 – January 3. I will be available by cell phone through December 20, but expect some delays in my response time.

Today I feature what has become an annual tradition – how to survive and even excel at that most awkward of leadership situations, the holiday party.

Even if you were fortune enough to have your company’s holiday party cancelled “due to the economy” (translation – “any excuse to skip this awkward evening will do”), you will no doubt have at least one event to attend which crosses business and social lines.

No matter what the event, you are the representative of the company whether you want to be or not, you lucky devil. Today’s abbreviated article guides you in making this event passable or even a pleasure through effortless and engaging interaction – plus a sure-fire icebreaker for the dinner table.

Thanks for another great year in the Traveling Light tribe!

Success and Happiness,