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Executive Coaching

Optimize Your Leadership Performance

Jennifer Selby Long

Stakeholder-Centered Coaching

Stakeholder-centered coaching is your guaranteed path to growth. With Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, your success is not defined by you or by me. It’s defined as a measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors determined by key stakeholders invested in your development. 


In short, we’re not done until your stakeholders say we are.


This process begins with a 360-degree assessment, but that’s just the beginning. During our time working together, you will receive periodic feedback on your progress from your stakeholders, and we will adjust your development plan in real time based on their input.  


You bring your courage, humility, persistence, and determination. I’ll bring an extensive set of practical frameworks, life-tested approaches, and cutting edge knowledge to help you become the leader you want to be. 

“It has been truly fantastic working with you. I am a better person and leader as a consequence of that. It is definitely fulfilling to retire at the top of my game.”

Brenda Leigh, Vice President of Business Applications, Ciena

Accountability Partnership Coaching

You know your leadership-development goals. You’ve already received extensive, high-quality feedback. But personal insights are only 20% of the development game. Implementation is the other 80%, and it’s exponentially harder. If this is your situation, our Accountability Partnership Coaching may be the best fit for you. 


As with our Stakeholder-Centered Coaching program, you bring your courage, humility, persistence, and determination, and I’ll bring an extensive toolkit to help you become the leader you want to be. 


This partnership can be for a designated time frame or aligned with the timetable for a large-scale organizational change or an upcoming opportunity for promotion.

Organizational Transformation Advisory Services

It’s lonely at the top. Sometimes all you need is the right outside person to listen, help shape your thinking or guide you to a better decision. I will provide guidance and insight via regular meetings and ad hoc calls between meetings.


Our advisory partnership can be as short as one quarter, ongoing, or a customized timetable aligned with a large-scale change.

Leadership Off-Sites

Build High-Performance Teams

Business, Organizational, and Technology Strategic Off-Sites

Bringing your leadership team together every 4–6 months provides a focused and uninterrupted opportunity to step back,  and identify your business, organizational, and technology strategy, assess your progress and determine the next steps. 


I collaborate with you to design an agenda specific to your goals, and then to facilitate your virtual or in-person meeting to achieve your objectives, optimize everyone’s thinking and participation, and make the time fly.

Leadership Team Building

Is your leadership team optimized for success? Team building is more than just hosting happy hours. Through off-sites ranging from a half day to three days, we deep dive deep into your team’s personal motivations, hidden dynamics, influence, and collaboration, and walk away with clarity on next steps and a plan to create lasting, positive behavioral change.


Leadership team building can also be added to a Business, Organizational, or Technology Strategy off-site to enrich the experience and build a foundation for group and individual development planning.

Design and Facilitation Coaching

Chiefs of Staff and organizational development managers at times are called upon to facilitate high-stakes leadership team off-sites. Facilitation is a complex skill and effective meeting design is integral to engaging staff and optimizing your time together.


If you would like to talk with me about co-designing your leadership team meeting or coaching you to be ready to facilitate, please press the button below.

Workshops, Presentations & Learning Pods

Deepen Your Skills

Jennifer Selby Long

Workshops, Presentations, & Learning Pods

Topic areas for workshops, presentations, and learning pods are based on our most widely-requested subjects and include:


  • Positive Intelligence: building your mental command to become one of the 20% of teams that achieve their potential.
  • Communication & Influence: Deciphering your needs and others needs; communicating more consistently and effectively, using the Temperaments and Type Coach frameworks.
  • Leading Transformational Change: how to lead your organization to dramatic, sustained wins.
  • Leading Remotely: Building trust and collaboration; keeping teams productive, agile, and visible across the miles; leading high-impact virtual meetings.
  • Building a Talent Dynasty: Developing your leadership team to win not just one year, but for the foreseeable future.

I offer each topic in three forms, depending on the level of depth and enduring results you are seeking:


  • Presentations: Inspire teams to mobilize internal resources, unleash creative solutions, and forge ahead to better outcomes with a Selby Group signature 60 or 90-minute presentation.
  • Workshops: Dedicate two half-day sessions to diving deeper into the material and creating an action plan.
  • Learning Pods: The younger, faster-moving, hipper sibling to Learning Cohorts, our learning pods provide accountability and support for up to six leaders at a time as they work in tandem to deepen their skills and implement their action plan.

For IT, CDO, and Information Security / Cyber Security Leaders Only

Navigate Business Decisions With Confidence

Boost Your Business Impact Program

Why is it so hard to create a world-class technical organization and gain the complete trust of business leaders? Is it because technology changes so quickly, disrupting entire markets and systems overnight? Or is it because most technical leaders do not have ready access to the business relationships and points of view that their peers in marketing, finance, and sales develop naturally through their career paths?


It’s time to take a seat at the table and drive the business value that you know you’re capable of.


I offer a life-tested process, honed over years of working with some of the finest technology and business leaders in the world. I’ve captured this process in my upcoming book, The New IT Leader: How to Stop Taking Orders and Start Transforming the Business. 


In our work together, we’ll go beyond the book to dive deep into your unique situation. The process launches with our Seven Critical Skills assessment and a two-day off-site.  


Your resulting Business Impact Blueprint details exactly where you need to focus to break through the barriers holding you back. 


You’ll leave our session with exciting insights about your leadership team and a prioritized plan to build key strategic relationships and navigate all-important business, organizational, and leadership decisions with confidence.


I will continue to work with you as your advisory and accountability partner for three months, when we reconvene the team to assess progress and plan next steps.


This program can also be customized to align with your company’s planning process.

Satisfied Clients