The Best (Bleep) Book on Leadership and Personality Period
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The Best (Bleep) Book on Leadership and Personality Period

The Best (Bleep) Book on Leadership and Personality Period

Maybe you’re familiar with the Fox Sports show, The Best (Bleep) Sports Show Period, or as they call it at Fox Sports, “Best D%*m.” I had a little trouble following the conversations around there until I figured this out. I thought they were always excited about something, but wondered what it was since they never seemed to add a noun after the adjectives. However, that’s a story for another day.

I also thought it would be neat if there were a “Best D%*m Business Book Period” show for leaders and consultants. How handy would it be to have all of the latest business books scaled down to a handful of winners, with color commentary by, I don’t know, maybe a former CEO, Dr. Phil, and a reporter from the Financial Times?

The only problem with my idea is that the show would be a cure for insomnia, given how incredibly dull, vague, and repetitive business books tend to be. I admit without guilt that I’ve started more than I’ve finished, since most of the key points have already been made in the first 10 pages.

So imagine the tremendous pride I felt when my colleague, friend, and Selby Group affiliate Sharon Richmond wrote Introduction to Type and Leadership, a focused, tight, insightful, and research-backed book on how your personality type affects your leadership. It’s the Best D%*m Leadership and Personality Book Period. Buy it. Read it. Do what she tells you to do. Go be wildly successful. Simple. Ahhhh….

Give me 10 more authors like Sharon, a retired CEO, Dr. Phil, and a Financial Times reporter, and I just might make that show work after all.